Congress Dinner at the Hall of Mirrors (Clärchens Ballhaus)

Date: Friday, April 9, 2021
Time: 20:00–23:00
Dress Code: Semi-formal

Auguststrasse 24
10117 Berlin

Clärchens Ballhaus, a place with history

On September 13, 1913, Fritz Bühler opened the dance hall "Bühlers Ballhaus" in the courtyard of Auguststraße 24/25. It became known under the name "Clärchens Ballhaus", as his widow Clara called it.

Already in the 1920s, Clärchens Ballhaus enjoyed great popularity among the dance-loving Berlin city population. Today, the Hall of Mirrors of the Ballhaus is the jewel and an impressive backdrop for events of all kinds.

The Hall of Mirrors in the Clärchens Ballhaus radiates a very special, romantic atmosphere with its impressive antique mirrors and picturesque wall decorations. The impressive stucco ceiling and the well-kept parquet exude elegance and splendour. The hall offers space for up to 300 people, depending on seating arrangement. A visit to the roof terrace, which only opened in 2012, is particularly recommended. It is suitable for a stylish reception of a wedding party, for instance.

The Hall of Mirrors has many exciting stories to tell. To this day, the owners have refrained from modernising the hall, so that it shines in its old glory. Whether a gala dinner or a Christmas party in a pleasant ambience - a company event in the Hall of Mirrors will be remembered by employees and business partners for a long time. The stage and sound system are fantastic prerequisites for loosening up the event with a special programme of music and artists.

In the past, the Hall of Mirrors already served as a workplace for the great directors of Hollywood. Actors like George Clooney filmed famous blockbusters in front of the breathtaking scenery. Even Prince William and Kate were thrilled by the picturesque ambience of the hall. Photographers, directors and artists from all over the world find inspiration here.

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