Berlin is the capital city of Germany with a population of 3.5 million people. Berlin is easy to get to by air or rail. Its excellent and safe public transportation system makes moving around the city effortless.

Berlin offers its visitors a uniquely varied cultural program, one-of-a-kind historical landmarks and all sorts of entertainment. The city has a long tradition as a theatre metropolis and is justly proud that it can present such a diverse range of productions today. It is as well a city of museums. Germany’s largest cultural investment project, the Berlin Museum Island, was completed in 2010. The five museums on Museum Island were added to the World Cultural Heritage.

For culinary delights, Berlin's multiculturalism awaits with a dazzling variety of cuisines, local specialties and its very own genuine beer and with 30% of the city being covered by parks and woods or rivers, lakes or waterways, a place to unwind is only a few steps away.

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